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You Make the Difference

Kinect believes in our people and we want to make them happy. Everyone who works here is valued and respected for the work they do. Kinect can only succeed through each individual’s hard work so we offer competitive compensation, an awesome rewards program, professional development opportunities, fun weekly events, and benefits for you and your family.

We foster a positive environment for those at Kinect that reflects how we create delightful experiences for our customers and partners. This is our commitment. We provide incredible customer experiences together.

Solid Employee Benefits

We ensure that you have everything you need from your first day on the job. We believe in providing our employees with the best possible benefits and working conditions so we invest in their well-being by offering top-notch employee benefits.

HMO and Life Insurance

Engagement Activities

Holistic Employee Experience

Paid Referral Program

Learning & Development

Financial Solutions

Our Core Values

We are inspired by our core principles which support our objective, define our culture, and drive us to achieve our objectives.

K – Knowledgeable

We develop our people to be effective knowledge resources and results-driven individuals. We help them achieve this by giving them opportunities to train and develop, as well as stay updated on the latest trends and developments in their field.

I – Integrity

At Kinect Inc, we pride ourselves on our strong morals and ethical principles. We never compromise these values for personal gain. We are committed to doing what’s right for the best interests of our customers, employees, and partners.

N – Nurturing

Fantastic workplace culture and performance come from having a fantastic employee experience. We take care of our people by preparing a holistic and personalized journey for each employee, which involves encouraging the growth and development of their skills.

E – Efficient

Our team is composed of high-performing professionals, equipped with deep knowledge of business processes with a wide range of capabilities to handle unique situations. We develop all our members this way so they can be efficient in providing excellent service.

C – Compassionate

We care about people. It may appear simple, but it is a neglected part of outsourcing. We believe in our employees, back them unconditionally, and want them to be happy. When they are, they pass on that attitude to your customers and in decision-making.

T – Team-Player

Collaboration is key in everything we do, from coming up with new ideas to executing them flawlessly. We rely on each other’s expertise and experience. This way, we create and maintain positive relationships with employees, employers, and customers.

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Fraud Recruitment

Please be aware that there might be people who try to recruit you while pretending to be from our company. Some people might try to get your money by pretending to offer you a job. They might call you and say they are from our company and want to interview you or they might say that we asked them to contact you. Be cautious in receiving these offers as they are fake and most likely a scam.

Only accept recruitment offers and correspondence from authorized channels, emails, and hiring managers in our company.