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Energy and Utilities

Customers need improved customer experiences throughout account and subscription management, billing and service management, and emergency and outage communications.

Power Up With First-rate Customer Experience

Kinect Inc. brings its customer-first approach in coordinating with clients on handling service disruptions and billing and payment issues. Through our BPO services, we are experienced in handling accounts for residential, business, industrial, and green power customers.

We provide fast communication to clients regarding all kinds of customer requests. Our customer support range from new subscriptions, connections, disconnections, billing queries and collections, and plan upgrades. Our trained customer service representatives effectively support electricity and gas providers.

What Is Energy and Utilities

Our BPO company supports the energy and utilities industry as it powers homes, businesses, and factories to keep the world running. It’s what heats and cools buildings, runs appliances, and lights up streets. Our company provides excellent customer service as the industry provides the foundation for economic development and growth in every community.

Why Choose Kinect

Why Choose Kinect

Our customer relations team handle surges in call volumes while maintaining customer satisfaction. We are trained in managing service disruptions and promptly responding with the latest call handling software with real-time monitoring. We also guarantee that our contact center agents and your field technicians and mobile service units are well coordinated.

Hiring in-house direct selling representatives can significantly increase your overhead costs in infrastructure, recruitment, and training. We handle all overhead costs so you receive cost-effective services while maintaining quality and performance.

Our customer support and sales representatives are equipped with the proper software and hardware, including call handling software to engage customers, manage subscriptions, and process billing.

Our experienced direct selling teams are trained on the latest data protection measures and comply with robust security policies and regulations. We eliminate and mitigate potential threats and risks to your process.

We cultivate customer trust through our loyal team through a human-focused culture that takes care of customers through every touchpoint. Our expert team addresses the urgent needs of customers to bring joy to customers and drive success.

Fuel Fantastic Customer Experiences

Effectively handle new accounts and subscriptions, process billing and payment, and deal with emergencies and outages to maintain customer satisfaction.